El botón multiusos que te enganchará

Una idea. Una patente. Mil soluciones.

ClickClix was conceived (and patented) more that 10 years ago as a tool, a snap designed to join socks together. Since then, the product has evolved in its design and its applications. The real evolution, however, it’s been in the idea behind it. The original button was joined by others of different thicknesses which broadened the applications offered by ClickClix. Then came the ClickClix Adhesive, which opened a new dimension of possibilities by allowing its application to virtually any surface. From buttoning, closing and matching fabrics to fixing, hanging and adhering all kinds of materials. And the combination of the button with the adhesive multiply the possibilities.



The ClickClix family has three members: ClickClix M, ClickClix L and ClickClix Adhesive. They are sold separately but also combined in different packs so you can choose the best option for you. If you’re doubting, just ask us!


ClickClix M

ClickClix© started out as a practical idea to attach socks so they don’t get lost in the washer, but the invention had a lot of potencial: hanging socks with no clothespins, closing pillowcases and curtains, and hundreds of other practical applications. It can be used on the vast majority of fabrics, such as socks, shirts or dishcloths. In addition, it can be combined with the L button and the ClickClix Adhesive.


ClickClix L

The first step in the ClickClix© evolution was creating new models for thicker fabrics. That’s how we came up with the ClickClix L, especially designed for quilts. Through a continuous research and development work it was possible to find a design which was suitable for thicker fabrics and, at the same time, it was complementary with the model M. Thus, the combination of ClickClix M and ClickClix L allows the union of thin and thick fabrics.


ClickClix Adhesivo

The ClickClix button to join socks soon became a multi-purpose solution, following to the practical spirit of the invention. As new applications appeared, there were also new needs, for example, extend the functionality of the buttons to nonwovens. ClickClix Adhesive emerges precisely from this desire to find new uses in fields as diverse as our home, the office or our vehicles. On its own, ClickClix Adhesive provides solutions as simple as effective in fixing all kinds of materials, it is extremely useful to organize the workspace and will be especially interesting to lovers of active leisure.