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¿Cómo surgió la idea?

Like many new inventions, the idea evolved from a personal problem of its inventor.He was tired of seeing his socks mysteriously disappearing (sometimes he was even wore socks that were not matching). He decided to develop a standard clip that could be small and that would not damage fabrics. After 5 years of Research and Development we are finally able to launch ClickClix®, a product that can be used for socks, and, as we are discovering daily, 1001 other handy uses.

¿Cómo lo definiríais en pocas palabras?

ClickClix® is a portable clip that can be inserted into all fabrics (well, almost).

¿Es dañino para la tela?

No. ClickClix® does not damage any kind of fabric. We carried out endless resistance tests on many fabric types and none was damaged or malformed.

¿ClickClix® queda permanentemente unido a la tela?

Yes, ClickClix® is fixed once and then stays on the fabric forever (if you want it to).

¿Se estropea en la lavadora o en la secadora?

No, it doesn’t. The material used in the production process is Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon) and as such resists regular detergents, and temperatures up to 85ºC. Using the example of socks, ClickClix® resists many washing/drying processes – socks do not separate from their partners.

¿Puedo quitar los botones ClickClix® una vez instalados?

Yes, though we do not recommend it because you may damage the fabric. If you need to do so, use the ClickClix® tool you’ll get with your order.

¿ClickClix® se utiliza únicamente en calcetines?

Given that this is the necessity of the invention, it is one of its better-known applications. However every day we come up with new ideas. Nowadays many people do not know how to sew a button. Isn’t great to have buttons that require no sewing? We are convinced that you will find many more uses, even more with the ClickClix® Adhesive.

Si utilizo ClickClix® en los calcetines ¿molesta?

Not at all. ClickClix® is round-shaped and the material is very soft, so it does not create discomfort. Here is some useful advice: if you are going to insert ClickClix into socks that have elastic-sides, try to insert ClickClix® below the elastic. If not possible, do not worry, it may produce a slight mark on your skin, which is neither painful nor bothering. It is as comfortable as a watch on your wrist. Just keep in mind: don’t use ClickClix in your socks if you’re wearing tight boots!

¿Qué diferencia hay entre el modelo M y el L?

ClickClix® M is suitable for thin and regular fabrics, while ClickClix® L is for thicker fabrics. The difference is the height of the button: The model L is ‘higher’, so it can hold a larger volume of fabric than the M, while the diameter of both is the same so that you can join buttons of different models together.

¿Y el Adhesivo...?

With the ClickClix® buttons M and L we are able to join different fabrics together. But what if we want to join elements that are not textiles? There comes the ClickClix® Adhesive: each set consists of two parts, a male and a female, which we can fix on different elements to then join them together. For example: we put the male part on the dashboard of our car and the female part on our phone’s cover case. By joining them, we have a mount!

¿Qué significa que los botones y el adhesivo son compatibles?

ClickClix® products do not only respond to a common spirit, which is providing solutions to everyday problems; They have also been designed to complement each other. What does it mean? That we can attach buttons and adhesives to find new applications such as hanging cloths or towels, fixing a tablecloth to the table or keeping the curtain open.


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