No More Lost Socks

Use ClickClix M on your socks and you’ll keep the pairs together in the washing machine, in the laundry basket and in the drawer.

With ClickClix you can match socks and keep them together whenever you want. For example: in the washing machine.

Who hasn’t lost a sock that went into the washing machine but never left? Who doesn’t have some clean socks waiting for their pairs? Here is the solution that will allow you to keep your socks matched whenever you need.

Instructions to use ClickClix on a couple of socks:

  1. Grab the ClickClix tool, one button and one ring. Insert each part into the corresponding slot of the tool.
  2. Install a ClickClix M button right under the cuff of one of the socks. Do it so that the male piece is on the outside of the fabric.
  3. Next, install a ClickClix M on the other pair. Make sure that this time the female part (the ring) is on the outside of the sock.
  4. Ready, now you can keep the two pairs together whenever you want.

Which ClickClix Do I Need?

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