System For Curtains

A couple of ClickClix buttons and one ClickClix adhesive is all it takes. Simple. Effective.

With the combination of ClickClix buttons and adhesives you can obtain a fastening system for your curtains, so it will be very easy to keep them open or closed. How? Let’s suppose that we want to use ClickClix on one of our home’s window curtains. We proceed as follows:

  1. We place a ClickClix Adhesive on each side of the window, on the wall or other fixed surface (like the window frame).
  2. We chose ClickClix M or L depending on the thickness of the curtain fabric. If it’s pretty thick, we will choose the L. If not, the M should work.
  3. Using the tool, we place two ClickClix buttons, one on each side of the curtain.
  4. If we want to keep the curtain closed, we attach each ClickClix button on the Adhesive that we installed on the sides.
  5. If we want to keep it open, we join the buttons together and then attach the set on one of the Adhesives.

Which ClickClix Do I Need?

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